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Math Club

Don Benito's Math Club is an activity for 4th and 5th grade students. The primary goal of Math Club is to prepare for and participate in Math Field Day. Math Field Day is an annual Pasadena Unified School District event held in the Spring.  Winners at the district level represent the district at the Los Angeles County Math Field Day competition. The objective of Math Field Day is to generate interest in math and to promote math in schools.

Preparation generally begins in the Fall with the formation of Math Club. Students are selected to join Math Club based on a test given in late October or November. The Club meets once a week to work on math and practice taking math tests. Early in the Spring, two math teams, each with 4 members and an alternate, are selected from Club members based on tests administered by Math Club. These teams then meet more frequently, sometimes at the homes of parents, to practice for Math Field Day. Over the years, Don Benito has had many successful teams both Club and Team members have gone on to represent their middle and high schools in Math Field Day.